Janice Sanders
1 min readNov 21, 2023


With the adoption of #cloudcomputing, we can see that traditional boundaries of systems and assets are fading.

And as these boundaries become more and more obscure, implementing a security strategy that can adapt to the complexities of these environments takes on another level of urgency and sophistication.


It's not an application, nor is it a product.

It's a more dynamic security strategy that leverages strict access controls based on the principle to "never trust, always verify."

It eliminates the issue of trust and requires verification at every step.

It treats all traffic as potentially malicious, including the traffic inside the boundary, and thus requires that all entities [user, service, app, or device] are continually reassessed and authenticated, even if they were previously authenticated.

Key principles:
🔷️ Least privileges
🔷️ Explicitly verify
🔷️ Assume breach

Protecting our modern #cloud #hybrid #on-prem environments and the vast amounts of assets and data contained within is PRIORITY.

Zero Trust has become a security priority for organizations to take on a more proactive approach.

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